Adopting To Changing Landscape

Energy and Utility sector forms the major percentage of the country’s revenue. But it is also one of the biggest industries that faces extreme challenges owing to fluctuating variables associated with energy resources. We as a potential team working in this sector, will guide you through the process of required reformation to obtain efficient and stable operational efficiency along with stabilized returns for optimum investment strategies

Strong Benefits Related To Industrial Solutions

  • Humongous loads of data generated in the industry concerning the fragile details of innovation and implementation will be secured under the shield of sophisticated technology of AI, Big Data Analysis and Robotics.
  • Adopting new technology in supply chain processes, operations and industrial practices help in reduced time-to-market and increase the product quality.
  • We help you pursue the analyzed investments and attain calculated risk in this highly susceptible industry to maintain an optimum graph of sustainability.
  • The decentralized steps towards understanding and operating the system better with a strong digital intervention will prove to be remunerative in the future

Witness The Difference In Growth And Opportunities!

Join us to experience the importance of strategic guidance.

Stronger Insight

Our exceptionally involved team will help you gain an insight into detailed industry secrets and practices that would empower you to understand the industry well and implement changes accordingly.

Striking a balance

The Energy and Oil industries suffer an extended pressure of higher demand for energy than the supply of resources available. We help you adopt more calculated strategies to hit the balance between the two.

Digital Evolution

The obsolete industrial practices call for digital support at each step to attaining higher productivity and efficiency. We will guide you through this journey with a scripted roadmap that helps you reach your objectives at every step.

Nourished Network

We help our clients adopt more subtle strategies to approach and manage the clients, thus enabling them to expand into a global network reaching a larger market.

Strategic Investments

As a matured company in this sector, we analyze for you the current economic figures along with the megatrends reshaping the areas of investment and growth.

Supply Chain Management

We have identified the new age demands of customers like easy access to green energy, low cost of generation and supply of available resources, higher convenience, and more value-added services. We help you conquer each one of them with right aproach.

Why Do Clients Call IMCS Group Unique?

IMCS Group helps clients realize business value through their information technology investments, enabling them to achieve world-class business performance. Its mission is to enable businesses to develop and implement growth strategies and to leverage technology for competitive advantage. IMCS delivers superior quality. They provide the resources, time, and materials necessary to ensure that the clients receive the best services available. Their team of IT experts is available to answer any questions about their technology environment.

Different Services Provide by IMCS

IMCS provides various technology solutions and contingent workforce programs to meet every business need. Their services include:

Corporate Training Solutions

Custom Software Development

IT Consulting Services

IT Recruiting Services

IT Staff Augmentation Consulting Services

Mobile App Development Services

Project Management

Client Testimonials

IMCS Group: one of our best approved vendor contributor with whom we have achieved tremendous success. They not only understand our clients’ requirement but also prepare the candidate based on our client culture. They have a talented team who are go-getters; present a challenge and they will do their best to find a solution to it. They are very responsive and believe in open ended communication. They are not just vendors, but result oriented partners. I can confidently rely on IMCS Group to match my organization’s needs as we have grown and evolved.

Natalie Kovar

Enterprise Manager, (IT Services)

A very professional company with a quick turnaround time and excellent resource pool. In addition, they pre-screen their candidates prior to sending us, saving us countless hours. This relationship is built on trust, good communication and a solid understanding of the positions which we desire to fill with their quality candidates. IMCS Group has been very responsive and partnered with us to place appropriate people within our organization for both short and long term commitments. They are an excellent resource for our needs! Working with IMCS Group is truly a professional, productive and results-driven experience!

Jeff Llano

Technical Recruiter, (IT Services)

I have had the pleasure of working with the IMCS Group for the past two years. The quality of candidates and the quick turn around time after I make a request from them is outstanding. The elite candidates they provide me have made them my preferred partner company. IMCS Group is excellent.

Mike Graham

Technical Recruiter, (IT Services)

We have worked with IMCS group on some technical demands and the candidates they provided are very experienced, able to support our needs efficiently. The company staff who we interacted with were very responsive & professional.

Siva Atturu

Development and Integration Manager, (IT Services)

IMCS Group is my “go-to” vendor when I am actively recruiting on a job requirement. They work with great candidates who are easily able to out-perform their peers. Not only do they validate and run their references before sending them out, but they also know how to match up the right resource to the right job, which is not an easy task. I have personally placed three people through IMCS Group in about one month’s time. Their dedication to helping their clients and candidates is always impressive and I appreciate all they do.

Caitlin Wojciki

Appilcations Recruiter, (IT Services)

To manage a global contingent workforce, it is important to have the right technology and supplier relationships. An effective technology system allows companies to respond to changes in demand. IMCS Group can provide the necessary support to ensure a positive experience for contingent workforce services workers. It also helps minimize the risk of worker misclassification.

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