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A leading staffing company in USA offering total talent and technology solutions

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic ecosystem, IMCS Group has been partnering with businesses to reshape and reimagine their workforce in demand. Equipped with cost-effective staffing solutions and services that make deployment of staffing a pleasure. Our trained personnel maintain a large database of candidate profiles with relevant skills, qualifications and experience. Before forwarding the candidate's profiles to the company, we pre-screen test or thoroughly evaluate them to ensure the candidate possesses the right qualities for the specific role. Let us help you to build your team for long-term success.

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Talent, Technology & Workforce Management

We, at IMCS Group, offer flexible staffing solutions, contract staffing services, temp-to-hire and complete workforce staffing services to various kinds of organizations as per the need of the roles. Some of the staffing services we do offer are as mentioned below.


We consult with you and your team regarding the contingent employment needs and take stock of your entire workforce. We do assess the challenges of the current contingent workforce and strive to provide the perfect candidates that fit right in your business requirements. Our well-experienced team ensures to uncover highly contingent staffing solutions to help your business reach its potential and goals.

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IMCS Group offers payroll services along with staffing solutions, allowing businesses to scale their workforce without taking on the financial and administrative burden. This includes hours and recordkeeping of employees, tax withholding, unemployment insurance and all other payroll-related functions. Our payroll services are fully customizable based on the client's terms of engagement, employment payments, PTO, benefits, length of engagement and more.

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Your business needs the right recruitment strategy. We help you develop a winning strategy with flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions. Whether you are experiencing peaks in hiring volume, need of filling specific niche roles or facing process inefficiencies, we are here to help you in scalability and in improving the quality of hire and process efficiency. So, attract and engage the best talent in your organization with our proven solutions of RPO.

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We make long lasting and mutually fruitful relationships with clients with competent staffing services.

Legacy of 15 Years

80+ Successful Projects with Fortune 500 Companies

400+ Empowered Employees

400+ Empowered Employees

Strong Presence in the US, India and Mexico

Strong Presence in the US, India and Mexico

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