Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development Services

IMCS Group is one of the top app development companies in the USA. Our expertise lies in building both Android and iOS applications which are supported by a robust cloud-based infrastructure.

In the present time, Mobile application development has become a necessity rather than a luxury. IMCS Group is recognized as one of the top app development companies with expertise in the development of mobile applications for B2B, B2C & B2E business environments. Our multi-platform mobile application development services fit everyone, be it small, medium and large enterprises or government organizations. Our expert team has developed countless mobile apps for diverse sectors ranging from banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail to entertainment. We always strive to deliver the best quality products with world-class UI/UX which ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Application Development

Rigorous requirement analysis

Our proficient technology specialists carefully analyse your requirements to formulate best strategies for the development of your app.

Diverse technology support

Support for various platforms like Microsoft, Java/J2ee, Oracle, IBM, etc.

Risk Mitigation

Data loss and leakage is curtailed at every step through regulatory data protection strategies.

application development services

Why Your Company Needs a Mobile App?

Engaging your customers/clients/users digitally is one of the sure advantages that you can get through your mobile app; even the best mobile app development company in USA try to hit the same target. However, your company might also need one:

  • To make sure that the financial and institutional transactions, within your business as well as done globally, remains easier and secured.
  • As application development is proven to increase customer loyalty and brand transparency in the virtual entrepreneurial world.
  • If you are already having or planning to open avenues in the global markets and you need to attract customers or clients outside your country.
  • When you want your brand to be recognized and identified by many individuals and professionals on the web.
  • In case you are looking for a suitable, decent marketing or promotion-like platform for your products or services online.

With better customer service, you get more consumers on-board, and this impacts your company’s reputation, status, and brand recognition in the industry; and these are all possible through the cost-effective way of application development solutions. With several decades of on-field experience added with the skill sets of trained developers, our is one of the top app development companies to partner with on the web!

Why IMCS For Mobile Application Development?

Many leading global brands, agencies, enterprises, and start-ups rely on our custom application development services owing to the following reasons:

  • Quality: IMCS Group ensures you the best-in-class quality mobile apps by employing the latest technologies in an optimal way.
  • User-Centric: We clearly understand the intent of your mobile app for your business and then develop resilient & user-friendly apps.
  • Experienced Team: Your mobile app will be developed by our experienced team who are well-versed with all trending app development technologies.
  • Effective Project Management with Complete Transparency: At IMCS, we believe that effective communication and transparency builds a great relationship and resolves all conflicts.

Application Development Services that We Offer

IMCS Group provides an array of offerings including custom web application development services and mobile app development services in USA, app modernization, cloud app development, staff augmentation, corporate training, application maintenance and support which can drive fantastic outcomes with the best user experiences.

As one of the top app development companies in USA, we offer the following application development services:

Digital Transformation

Application Modernization

Application Integration Services

Application Advisory Services

Technology Stack Rationalization

UI Transformation

OTS Products Integration and Customization

Custom Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Responsive Web Development and Redesign

Software Product Development

E-commerce Application Development

Cloud-native Application Development

Re-engineering and Migration

Quality Assurance and Test Automation

Application Managed Services and Support

Full Stack Development (Web application)

From maintaining your web portal and performing diligent troubleshooting to working on graphic parts and the creation of robust web apps, Full Stack app development at IMCS get you covered with prompt and quality digital presence on the internet. 

.Net Application Development

With the possibility to create better, cost-effective, yet powerful applications, .Net technologies is a source of business enhancement online. The key benefit from these apps are based on object-oriented programming, hence less time for unnecessary coding.

iOS Application Development

With the benefit of testing simplicity and low fragmentation, iOS apps are the best for your business, if you aim at expecting better digital revenue. Additionally, as a leading mobile app development services in USA, our application development procedure is suitable for any business sector, regardless of the industry.

DevOps Agile Development

Rather than spending your productive week for app development, with DevOps Agile, you can get it done with 440x faster lead time. Additionally, you can reduce defects in the making as well as expect greater stability in the product results.

Java Application

A robust and secure platform to develop apps, Java Applications are known for high performance, simple interface, and software language compiled module. These apps are portable on all your business platforms and is an economical way to attract profit online.

Whether you require a Full Stack developer or want assistance on how to pick the suitable platform for app development, our specialists at IMCS Group are ever-ready to assist you in your next big project!

User-Centric Mobile App Development Solutions for iPhone & Android

The reason why our team stands one among the top 5 app development companies of the country lies with our user-centric approach to our services; at each stage of design, development, and testing, the internal protocols followed at IMCS Group majorly prioritizes your needs. Meaning, ours is a User-centered design (UCD) platform. So, based on your needs, preferences, suggestions, and recommendations, our expert team will ensure to offer application development solutions that hits the bull’s eye in terms of:

  • Quality expected.
  • Maximum precision.
  • Matches your desired goal or set of objectives.
  • Cater to your business’s customers and consumers.

Therefore giving you 100% satisfaction in our results. Our user-centric business is what makes us one of the top app development companies in the USA.

Native, Cross-Platform & HTML5 Mobile App Solutions

By partnering with us, you are going to work with one of the experienced mobile app development services in USA. And we guarantee that your business attracts maximum profit and gets the best returns in the long-run. With our service in close partnership with various business firms and industries, we will give you powerful Native apps and cross-platform applications that are resulted in a timely and right for your target customer base.

Amidst new innovations and technologies welcomed into the domains of the smartphone, it is crucial to make sure that your app is compatible with all the devices; be it your mobile, tablet, smartwatch, or iPhone. But with our potential to create applications that are suitable for all gadgets and software platforms, makes us the most authentic and skills adept when it comes to app development companies in America.

Our Comprehensive Technology Stack

Being a reputed app development company in the USA, we make use of the latest app development technologies and frameworks with a methodical approach to build your custom business applications within a specified timeframe. Our application development team entails in-depth technology expertise and is highly competent to handle all kinds of project needs with absolute ease.

Understanding your Idea

Understanding your business idea is the primary step before planning the initial project road map. Many important factors are considered when our team evaluates and finalizes the best-suited technology for the application development as per your requirement.

App Development & Quality Analysis

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise of industry-specific technical architecture, we design, develop, customize and migrate effective software solutions according to your business needs.

Delivery & Support

Being one of the top app development companies, we offer effective maintenance & support to our clients in order to ensure the best performance of our deployed robust solutions.

Our Custom Application Development Advantages

  • Access actionable information instantly on real-time basis
  • Time-stamped data and GPS monitoring of the field reps
  • Quick and flawless mobile data collection that eliminates paperwork
  • Regular checkpoints, milestones, dashboards along with precise analytic reports

Mobile app development services by IMCS Group can help you achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. We understand the importance of smooth-functioning apps which work with your employees to give high-performance results. Our suite of customized services offers solutions for field reporting, market research, survey analysis, mobile field software, dashboard application needs and a lot more.

Benefits Of Application Development

Mind-boggling reasons to welcome Application Development

Widespread Expertise

An exhaustive list of technologies spans under our proficiency. This improves the scope of application for your business enterprise.

Best-Fit Technology

Our technical wizards choose the most relevant technology for development. Right technology improves app performance by many folds.

Robust Framework

Our futuristic impulses compel for a robust framework deployment. This eases tweaking of new, without breaking the parent structure.

High Security

Your fragile data is our prime preference. It is well secured and highly-encrypted to avoid data leakage and data theft. This benchmark study examines data loading and query performance

Quick Delivery

Shorter application development cycle with zero compromises on the App quality. Well-nit web of technical experts and developers make the process of developing faster and better.

Innovative Instinct

Our Innovation hubs continuously work on process improvement and continuous development. This ensures the implementation of fresh techniques in our development cycles.

Application Development as a Keystone

As a rapidly growing IT company, we closely apprehend the tech needs of your enterprise. We are on our toes, to serve your needs for application development. The highly qualified swarm of our technical architects and developers gauge your requirements well, to deliver the robust and peerless product.

Agility of New Releases

Continuous innovation and incessant R&D enables us to compete with the leading solution providers in the market. We have adopted an agile development cycle to quickly and continuously evolve, in-alignment with the changing customer requirements. Every application is effectively tested for bugs against proven methodologies. Scalability and Cost-effectiveness form the focal point of our development practices.


We use programming languages and frameworks such as Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript, Golang, etc. for developing web apps. For requirements on mobile application development, we utilize the power of Objective C, Kotlin, Java, Swift, etc.

IMCS Group caters to deliver apps both for mobile-based platforms as well as for web paltforms too. We build custom application development services that offer web solutions for business challenges. For mobile apps, we work on both iOS and Android. At IMCS, we have a team of mobile app developers who have good experience in developing both iPhone and Android applications

Yes, our specialist team will assist you to get your existing app enhanced in the most appropriate way possible, as per your recommendations. We may also help you, if you need to develop an application (mobile or web), right from the scratch.

When it comes to developing an app from IMCS Group, the rest assured that you experience safe online servicing. And we state this in the presence of our high-security standards and powerfully encrypted servers and secure firewalls that guarantees complete protection for your mobile apps.

Of course, yes. Mobile apps will help your business by attracting new users into the application, bringing in engagement, increasing your brand awareness, and even aids in cultivating customer loyalty, hence overall gradually hiking your ROI.

At IMCS Group, we offer 10+ different types of application development services, ranging from Technology Stack Rationalization, Responsive Web Development & Redesign, UI transformation, E-commerce Application Development, OTS Products Integration & Customization, and Application Managed Services & Support.

Application development is important for small businesses as they are in the growing stages and need more users to deliver their products or services. With features such as push notifications, referral programs, and online booking schemes, the company’s app will build a better relationship with users, who are indeed the real customer base.

We help organizations and clients maintain their data privacy with the notions of encrypted storage solutions, strong password managers, VPNs, and other robust app-specific data restrictions on access permissions.

Some of the basic-level database cost for building an app incurs around $30,000 – $60,000. However, the rates would vary depending on your application type, purpose, in-built features, customizations, and more. With IMCS Group, you can still save some bucks from our cost-effective app development solutions based on your needs.

There are several application development companies in the USA. But finding the one that optimizes your cost as well as that promises great UX and UI can be challenging. Search no more as the tech team at IMCS Group are ever ready to support your app development requirements with fast-loading, rich interfaced, high-quality outcomes.

Why Do Clients Call Us Unique?

Our expertise lies in attention to detail


Improvised consulting practices to enable growth


Impeccable design, development & maintenance team


Incorporation of newer and advanced tools of the trade


Continued transition into unexplored industry verticals

Not just proactive guidance and support towards your requirements, you can also expect all-round solutions from us.

IMCS Group is a leading IT solutions provider that can help your business with everything, i.e. from remote and onsite support, application development and management to enterprise solutions and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Our workflow is quite basic though. We hear your requirements and accordingly formalize a customized plan to meet your business needs, goals and expectations. And not to forget! We are available round-the-clock.

Why Choose Us?

Legacy of 15 Years

80+ Successful Projects with Fortune 500 Companies

400+ Empowered Employees

Strong Presence in the US, India and Mexico

200+ Clients in the US

Two Innovation and Development Centers


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