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IMCS Group is one of the leading corporate training companies in the USA with expert consultants offering intensive technical training especially in IT technologies. We offer corporate learning and the development needs of our customers. Our professional approach in training will make sure that your employees have the right skill set to achieve higher productivity, profitability, sales, market share, and customer retention.

Experience seamless training in the latest technologies

More than 500+ technologies and essential soft skills training to excel in all.

Expert industry trainers

Professionals with more than 12 years of industry exposure work with us.

High-quality LMS & curriculum

Master the technologies with high-quality videos, the latest tools, and up-to-date modules.

Corporate Training Solutions Offered at IMCS Group

Every business has its own way of offering services or products as per the terms in their organization. At a certain stage, there will be a need to enhance the technology or use the new one to develop the business process. For every new requirement, the company will not afford to hire new expertise rather will go for training the current employees. We at IMCS employ training and development solutions that are accustomed to your company’s specifications. With IMCS Group, you can perfectly train and develop your executives by two means:

In-class Training

Either through an “In-class Training”, where our training specialists and technology experts will connect with you face-to-face at your convenient venue.

Online Training

Or with the aid of “Online Training”, where your business mates can reach out to our team, anytime, anywhere, and from any suitable device, hence ensuring high flexibility.

Instituting some fresh corporate processes, latest teaching-learning paradigms, and measurement approaches, we offer training for five diverse technologies;


Used for today’s internet-based apps and embedded network applications, we cater to provide Java training that is simple and resourceful for your job.


Being one of the high-demanded, developer platforms, our experts deliver training sessions for enhancing .Net skills for your employees.


Our team will give you an in-depth understanding of the iOS architecture with detailed process analysis about the concepts of Objective-C and more.


With IMCS’s DevOps training program, you will reduce the total time for cycles of development and even experience a faster rate of innovation.

Performance Testing

With IMCS’s DevOps training program, you will reduce the total time for cycles of development and even experience a faster rate of innovation.

Why Do You Need Corporate Training?

It is estimated that around 3 to 4 years is the prerequisite condition, to train a seasonal employee as per the objectives and vision of the company. As the years pass, it would be difficult for a business to balance both towards training your candidates as well as managing their operations. And for this, corporate training programs take the roles. With the aid of effective corporate training sessions:

  • Your employees will turn much more productive, and most importantly, they will be moving on the right track, as per your business goals and vision.  
  • Both corporate training and development go hand-in-hand, and so, educating your professionals will make them better at work.
  • The good thing to note here is that the consultants at standard corporate training companies are adept at mastering employees, both freshers, and experienced candidates.

Take your call because it is proven through research that corporate training topics indeed have aided businesses to create better social environments as well as got brands have been lifted in their industry or sector!

Objectives and Various Types of Corporate Training

Corporate training The objectives of Corporate training services standardly differ based on the purpose or intent, duration, and type of development necessary for the business and its employees. Yet, some of the most common objectives of every business training session would be to:

  • Make employees better productivity in their workforce.
  • Bring the professionals in line with the business goals
  • Develop new skills with the employee. 
  • Assist employees to complete their office goals promptly.
  • Improve and enhance the existing abilities of a professional for a particular task or project.
  • Transform the given workstation into a better place, just beyond the mere of a job!

From the standpoint of the types of training given, corporate professionals can radically improve on themselves. Here are the 3 regular types of corporate training:

  • Online Learning Training – Fine-tuning the professional through video conferencing, digital workshops, and virtual activities.  
  • Face-to-Face-Training – Traditional/conventional approach of meeting the corporate training consultants directly and answering their questions.
  • On the Job Training – Boosting the information of employees by skipping out theories and concepts, focussing on the practical job aspects.

If you want to have an interaction with our corporate training consultants, then please don’t hesitate to fill out the “Request a Call Back” form!

How can Corporate Training Help an Organization Compete?

A brand whose employees are attuned to the vision and mission of the business, are forwarding the brand itself in the industry. Competitiveness not only lies with the quality and accuracy of your service or product, rather it also includes your employees’ understanding of the business operations and working together for a common goal (s). And effectual corporate training programs cater rightly to the stated. 

With better-trained professionals, your brand gets charged in terms of productivity, attracts higher revenue, and gives you an edge over the industry norms. Moreover, skill-specific corporate training courses ultimately ensure that your business along with the employees is in line with the progressiveness of technology, science, and innovation.

Benefits Of Corporate Training

Get aligned with the growing technology

Reinforce Your Technical team

The comprehensive technical training from our industry experts, enhance your performance throughput.

Expert Trainers

Our highly-learned and experienced industry trainers take complete responsibility for delivering the best learning experience.

Competitive Coursework

We ensure that the recent technological details and improvements are kept updated in our coursework and modules.

Flexible Modes of Training

We offer flexible training modes. You can choose the one that rightly fits your schedule.



Timely Progress Assessment

We ensure to track the step by step progress of each employee.


24*7 Support

The support timings for the employees are flexible. They can reach back to us anytime to get the best of their learning sessions.

How to Find the Right Corporate Training Partner?

Only better than the best corporate training consultants can give you provable and visible results for your brand. The most authentic company would be the one that promises overt outcomes in the production and better with the employees who got trained. As a general rule of thumb, before finding the right corporate training solutions provider, understand their processes, read former client reviews, and check if the team has years of experience.

With the subject-matter experts, experienced communication specialists, and IT managers, the team of IMCS Group has decades of experience, working closely with businesses and companies from various scales and countries. We balance conceptual rules with practical instances, all to ensure that your employees are sound and knowledgeable when it comes to certain business standards. And our corporate training programs are known to be intuitive and intriguing for professionals, at a few notable cities in the US.

Why IMCS for Corporate Training?

Choose IMCS for the best corporate training solutions. IMCS is a leading IT corporate training consultant because:

  • IMCS is one of the best corporate training companies in the USA with over 15 years of legacy.
  • We have completed over 80 successful training projects with Fortune 500 companies
  • We have more than 200 clients in the USA
  • IMCS has set up 2 dedicated innovation and development centers
  • IMCS has to its credit corporate training certifications and awards
  • IMCS offer custom made training modules across businesses/verticals

Corporate Training Programs that we offer

1On the job training

This focuses on designing a corporate training program with corporate training workshops going beyond classroom sessions. Training is imparted on the job with a practical approach. Our flexible training methods ensure designing the right program, use of the right training tools and methods, implementing training strategy, and performance evaluation providing the best corporate training solutions.

2Employee Orientation/Onboarding

If your organization is facing challenges like high turnover or employees dishonoring probation, we are here to help you welcome your new employees with clarity. Our team will effectively introduce the new personnel to their role in the organization.

3 Establishing training functions

We believe in offering corporate training services that are aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization. By establishing the right training policies, strategies, and procedures, corporate development can be focused upon with ease.

4 Enhancing the effectiveness of training functions:

This corporate training program focuses on imparting new skills, polishing existing skill sets, and improving cost-effectiveness. This is done by conducting a training department audit and training program audit.

5 Developing customized training

To tackle problems specific to the company as a whole or related to a particular division/person/service, we offer customized training solutions. Our training programs are designed after understanding the organization’s requirements and employees’ performance. Our training solutions aim at bridging the gap between performance expectation and reality.

Our Corporate Training Process

IMCS follows a systematic training methodology. Our corporate training process is explained below:

1Rapid needs analysis

Rapid needs analysis focuses on identifying the root cause of situations hindering high performance. With deep assessment and assimilation, our team identifies the challenges posed for the workforce. Based on the results of our analysis we come up with a tailor-made learning solution specific to your challenge. Our training sessions will help in overcoming obstacles and yielding expected performance.

2Extensive needs analysis

The training team at IMCS works closely with your organizations learning and development team to draft the best training modules. Our training sessions can be specifically designed to combat a particular challenge or a host of challenges.

Hire the Best-Fit Corporate Learning Consultant

With IMCS you can be sure of hiring the best corporate training consultant in the USA. At IMCS, we guarantee:

  • Complete training needs assessment
  • Skilled experts with global experience
  • Employee centric learning solutions
  • Imparting technical, managerial, and soft skills
  • Advanced training tools and methodologies
  • Tailor-made training solutions

Corporate training solutions play an indispensable role in today’s competitive corporate environment. Corporate training solutions are important as they result in maximum utilization of human resources. By adopting effective training methods, organizations can achieve the twin goals of high productivity and profitability.

Corporate training helps in improving employee’s performance, meeting performance targets, improving market share, giving employees a sense of belonging, customer retention, creating goodwill, improvising on processes, and enhancing personal and organizational skills.

Corporate Training Programs: Contribution to Business & Employee Success

Inside a business setup, there will be employees who lack the right conceptual knowledge to finish a project; on the other side, there will be professionals who are adept at their theoretical insights, but do not have the potential to apply their learning at the workplace. For both these situations, corporate training comes ideal. 

Predominantly, corporate training examples for their key contribution are noted in sectors such as banking, healthcare, service-oriented business, insurance, legal, hospitality, tourism, product-oriented business, finance, and information technology. So, rather than investing your revenue for lay-offs and new hirings, you can train your existing employees for the betterment of your business and its employees.

Empower Yourself

In the era of explosive digital development, the technologies are changing lightning-like. One needs to be on a continuous learning curve to compete with corporate growth. Come and join us to enable yourself with the changing technical environment, by rightly adopting the minuscule of tactics and tools involved, which helps you to stand out of the crowd.

It’s important to stay updated

We have the cream-layer of industrial experts who are experienced from across the world, to help you understand the importance of the latest corporate trends. They will rightly educate you on the technical details that would empower you to climb the higher rungs of your career ladder.


You can organize a high-quality corporate training program for your employees, either through instructor-led classroom training or with the aid of Virtual instructor-led classroom training (VILT). Online training and blended training can also be utilized.

Yes, the expertise at IMCS Group is well-precise when it comes to customization or personalization of your training needs. Do let us know what your preferences are and we will deliver you top-notch corporate training solutions.

Yes, we offer remote workforce training for various information technology-related fields and industries, through workable digital mediums. Consult with our expert team and they will recommend you the best module that suits your requirements and business.

Yes, at IMCS Group, we have a specialized team, who have years of experience to ensure that your newly promoted management team will be better productive and lead the business and brand along with you.

The purpose of Corporate training is to provide a set of educational activities for the employees to improve their knowledge and skills in an organization.

There are various types of corporate training programs. The three regular types of corporate training programs are

  • Online learning training
  • Face-to-face training
  • On the job training

The corporate training consultants hold rich industry experience, ensuring that the corporate training is both competitive and useful for your company. The corporate trainer imparts relevant skills and educates employees in a relevant field so that it can help businesses perform better.

As a corporate trainer, you should follow these simple and effective steps while delivering training programs.

  • Identify and assess needs
  • Define your training
  • Set organizational training objectives
  • Create an action plan
  • Implement training
  • Evaluate and revise training

Corporate training is important in an organization as it gives an opportunity for the employees to develop a skillset and grow their knowledge base to become more effective in the workplace. Not only that, but it also prepares employees for higher responsibilities.

If you are interested in the career growth of people, corporate training is a good career choice. It promises good learning opportunities. Depending on the subject of your choice, you can select a job role as

  • Personality development trainer
  • Soft skills trainer
  • Software training
  • Knowledge building

Why Do Clients Call Us Unique?

Our expertise lies in attention to detail

Improvised consulting practices to enable growth
Impeccable design, development & maintenance team
Incorporation of newer and advanced tools of the trade
Continued transition into unexplored industry verticals

Not just proactive guidance and support towards your requirements, you can also expect all-round solutions from us.

IMCS Group is a leading IT solutions provider that can help your business with everything, i.e. from remote and onsite support, application development and management to enterprise solutions and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Our workflow is quite basic though. We hear your requirements and accordingly formalize a customized plan to meet your business needs, goals and expectations. And not to forget! We are available round-the-clock.

Why Choose Us?

Legacy of 15 Years

400+ Empowered Employees

200+ Clients in the US

80+ Successful Projects with Fortune 500 Companies

Strong Presence in the US, India and Mexico

Two Innovation and Development Centers


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