6 most competitive Mobile app design trends in 2022

April 27, 2022

6 most competitive Mobile app design trends in 2022

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    The mobile phone has become a necessity in the new digital age. Everything we want is at the click of our fingers. The digitalization of commodities and currencies has made life easier for us. From shopping to service, everything has been digitalized. Almost there is no need to step out of our house for anything. Right from groceries, digital payments, and electronics purchases, we can keep adding more to our list. A mobile application has become a mandate for all industries irrespective of the service /product they sell. Regardless of the age group, all the people are using mobile phone applications.

    Market potential of mobile application:

    The mobile application market’s potential has been increasing steadily. In 2018, the global mobile application market was estimated at 106.27 billion US Dollars. It is projected to reach 407.31 billion US Dollars by 2026. The whole business world runs on mobile applications. With the growing CAGR, the latest industries to join the mobile application bandwagon are the health industry, food delivery, gaming industry, and education. The gaming industry is projected to contribute to maximum growth by 2026. The increase is attributed to the pandemic that forced businesses to have an online presence. Other significant factors that contribute to the increasing market size of mobile application development are:

    1. A surge in data usage and internet
    2. Enterprises started developing their applications to have more uncertainty of the applications available. Their cost to customize can be invested in a new application.
    3. The new decade saw trends like Machine-learning artificial intelligence prominent among mobile application developers.

    With the growing market, one has to keep up with the trends in mobile application development to stay on top of the game. Let us look at the top 6 trends of mobile applications in 2021.

    The top six trends needed to be noticed in the app development companies are:

    a.  Inclusive UI and UX design:

    Inclusivity of your user experience and UI design is paramount for any company to stay in the trend. Your application must be user-friendly for people with disabilities. Few ideas to make your design inclusive are providing information with realtively large size texts, creating image maps, and for people with visual disabilities creating alternative text or audio text. You can avoid futuristic colours and other top trends. However, it is crucial to consider the people who will use it.

    b. Animations and dynamics:

    Animations help emphasize app features improve sales and your conversion rates. People like more videos and aniamtions. So, try to add more animations that are complicated in the palce of simple small videos. It is essential to add some dynamics to your application. Micro-movements in your application can create an enhanced user experience.

    c.  Colour modes:

    Users always like to have choices. The top app development companies include the feature of dark modes in their application. The dark mode is a recent favorite among users. Here, the background will be dark, and the text will be white or light color. This also helps the consumer to have good visibility of the features.

    d. Using futuristic colours:

    Include more futuristic colors in your application design. Normal colours are no more people’s favourite. Bright sn dfuturistic colours like neon pink, green, yellow and tral that help drive users attention to a particular application feature are fundamental.

    e.  Using Serif fonts:

    The standard fonts are boring. Try to include more new fonts like serif. Why Serif fonts? They are easier to understand, clear and straightforward, and help present the text more creatively. The psychological trick behind using serif fonts is that it drives the users’ attention and helps their brains understand the words.

    f.   Face ID:

    Face ID comes under gesture inclusion in your application. It has created a revolution in the way we interact with our apps. Face ID is an excellent opportunity for the UI designers to smoothen their user flow and attract more consumers.


    We have elaborated only on the top 6 trends in mobile application development. However, there are numerous trends to look out for. IMCS, one of the leading app development companies in the USA, owing to our years of experience, we master in developing iOS and Android applications. Our mobile applications are supported by robust cloud infrastructure. We provide quality, user-centric applications with our professional team and their proven track record of expertise. To know more about our mobile application development services, visit the page https://imcsgroup.net/application-development-services/

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