Top 10 IT Consulting Companies

December 17, 2020

Top 10 IT Consulting Companies

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    One of the most functional, booming, and highly-demanded professionals is the Information Technology experts. IT consultancy firms have a team of IT professionals or software experts offering custom solutions, software applications, web portals, etc. Digital transformation is happening at a fast pace, and for your business, to thrive and succeed in this competent ecosystem, must be ever-ready to update your resources and processes. And only experienced IT consulting companies can achieve the same for your brand.

    A Gist on What IT Consulting Companies Are

    With deep insights about technology, a group of experienced human resources, and the right utilization of BI [Business Intelligence] makes up the core of top IT consulting companies of the globe. Having said that, they are also professional businesses that help other brands develop and enhance their operations by automating their works. And they don’t restrict to two or three domains, but multiple industry sectors are actionable through IT consultation online. Government, marketing, retail sales, healthcare, oil and gas, insurance, banking, etc. are a few examples to state.

    What Really Can IT Consulting Firms Do for You?

    The options catered under any IT consulting services include project management, IT architecture, and enterprise transformation systems primarily. From this part, IT consulting services are also divided into a few sub-components, which your business can benefit from using 3 or 4 services together. Some of them include,

    • Software Portfolio Consulting.
    • IT Strategy Consulting.
    • Enterprise Architecture Advisory.
    • Internet and VOIP.
    • Ongoing Managed Support.
    • Disaster Recovery.
    • Remote and Onsite Support.
    • Network Setup.

    Besides just increasing your business security, support, or functional improvement, you can find some more benefits to hiring reputable IT consultancy firms on the web.

    Perks of Using Deemed IT Consultancy Firms

    While you may be busy with your general business works, leave the technical issues to the IT expert team. They will promise you the following business advantages.

    • ERP, CRM, CMS, RM, SCCM, and more such platforms can be built effectively.
    • Your business’s network facilities can be improved better for security reasons.
    • In terms of Human resources, IT recruitment, employee compensation plan, and education with training are offered for clients.
    • Downtime errors and delays can be greatly reduced from IT services.
    • Help desk support can be enhanced overall and even you can add new technologies into your existing customer service scheme.
    • Minding to the words of advisors from IT consultancy services, your business can remove the roadblocks to change, deploy, or add new systems in-house.

    List of Top 10 Best IT Consulting Firms in the USA

    Check out these 10 top IT consulting companies of America and see-through which one matches your business needs rightly.

    1. IMCS Group:

    The main reason for having IMCS Group in the first position of IT consulting services is its professionalism and quality. From small and medium entities to large-scale business giants, many global clients trust IMCS and their team of experts for their strategic planning procedures plus highly accurate results.

    And the best part is the team here caters to offer all services based on technology, hence making your brand ready for prospects. Indeed, you can get multiple services under one roof from them – corporate training, staff augmentation, IT recruitment and consulting, application development, etc.

    2. Clarika Group:

    Laying its quite a strong foundation in 2007, Clarika Group is known for online IT consultancy services and product engineering techniques. The credits to their success go to the talented team of Agile methodology practitioners from South America.

    3. Sada Systems:

    Sada Systems is rising in the world of Google Cloud using high-tech features and cloud-based solutions. They have over 18+ years of industry experience, for services, including managed cloud, productivity & collaboration, application development, etc.

    4. Switchfast Technologies:

    SF (Switchfast) mainly focuses on 3 areas of IT servicing, namely enterprise architecture advisory, IT strategy consulting & new tech, and software portfolio consulting. By the name, SF is one of the top IT consulting companies in the US to promise expedited results.

    5. Stack Overdrive:

    If you want to reduce errors and forward quicker, then Stack Overdrive could be your ideal choice. They are primarily specialized to offer services corresponding to DevOps. Spoon University, McGraw Hill Education, Petco, are some of their popular clients.

    6. Nerdery:

    From creating actionable business plans to giving a speed boost to your existing market, Nerdery is a digital business consultancy with 15 years of experience. They also have services based on cloud, IoT, platform modernization, and a few more.

    7. Bluewolf:

    A part of the world-famous IBM company, Bluewolf is one of the most preferred IT consulting companies for Salesforce requirements. The brand has more than 55 studios across the globe to help startups grow and thrive in their respective industry.

    8. Eleks:

    Industries such as insurance, government, healthcare, fintech, logistics, media & entertainment, retail, etc. are compliant with Eleks. The broad array of professionals here will help you cut down the cost of business development charges by 30%.

    9. Maven Wave:

    An innovation-centric company, Maven Wave targets the financial, medical, and retail-based sectors. You can find their premises in Chicago in Illinois. Marketing analytics and security solutions are the recommended services here.

    10. Avenga:

    The uniqueness of Avenga’s services is that they target global sustainability and hence deliver results that are built through creativity and experience. Avenga functions in 3+ countries, including the USA, Poland, Ukraine, and Germany.

    And now, this is a good point to state the fact that you must hire and work with the best IT consultancy services that also match your business requirements. Why because even with reputable IT consulting firms, there might be some limitations in their results, efficiency, or work. Hence, choosing a brand that is excellent in terms of quality as well as in expertise to give what genuinely you need from them, will be your wise investment or decision.

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