Which is Better? IT Staff Augmentation or Offshore Outsourcing

June 07, 2021

Which is Better? IT Staff Augmentation or Offshore Outsourcing

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    Gaining a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving world is becoming challenging for business enterprises that are staying away from investing in advanced technologies. To cater to customers’ requirements and improve operational efficiency, it has become imperative more than ever to leverage cutting-edge tools. However, most companies, be it a large-scale one or a startup, face a dilemma before reaching a decision, whether to opt for staff augmentation or offshore outsourcing.

    Staff Augmentation

    In simple words, the procedure or strategy of incorporation of skilled staff on a temporary basis to the group of a company’s existing staff is known as staff augmentation. To successfully complete a complex and challenging project in time, a good number of business organizations these days get in touch with leading IT staff augmentation service providers. 

    Offshore Outsourcing

    Inarguably, for the majority of businesses all over the world, one of the conventional approaches has always been offshore outsourcing or offshoring. Aside from getting rid of daunting and time-consuming tasks, it is solely because of such a traditional approach, business enterprises can successfully manage and complete IT projects. Offshoring has facilitated companies to accomplish project goals and proved notably profitable.

    Reasons that Compel Businesses to Choose IT Staff Augmentation over Offshoring

    All this while, businesses have relied on offshoring because of the cost-effective aspect. However, nowadays, the same organizations are inclining more towards including experienced and competent staff to the existent in-house team for a temporary period. The motive behind doing this is to finish assigned projects on time and accomplish goals. 

    Also, keeping a close eye on every activity isn’t possible for a business when it opts for offshore outsourcing. When you hire talents with prowess in app development from one of the renowned app development companies, completing a complex app development project becomes a breeze.

    Here are some compelling reasons:

    • A business has better control over resources and manages the same from very close
    • Proficient and trained employees in no time comprehend the processes of a company and gel with the team that is assigned to helm big projects
    • Scaling up and scaling down resources as per your convenience is possible when you contact and hire experts from one of the reputable staff augmentation companiesMeeting aggressive project timeline becomes a less stressful task
    • A business can save a lot of expenses which otherwise they would have spent on recruiting full-time competent staff

    Staff Augmentation: Ideal Results-Driven Approach

    Achieving short-term and long-term business objectives becomes quite an easy job when one boasts a team comprising highly qualified, skilled, and experienced employees. Instead of offshoring, if you opt for the inclusion of knowledgeable and talented staff, you will certainly be able to drive desired results. 

    Contacting a well-known IT staff augmentation consulting company can help you meet your business projects’ requirements. One such company makes a rigorous assessment of a business organization’s existing workforce and resources aside from discerning key skills required for a particular project. Many business enterprises across the world have started keeping their faith in this approach as it has proven to be cost-efficient and instrumental in improving productivity. 

    How is Staff Augmentation Beneficial for a Business?

    Almost every business organization worldwide that relies on this same approach has been completing demanding projects successfully in time and gaining an edge over competitors. Here’s why staff augmentation is advantageous for a business organization:

    Comprehensive Accountability

    When you choose a trusted company that boasts qualified corporate training consultants, know that they are responsible for each candidate they outsource. Such a company also assesses the candidate’s performance and client engagement expertise in an effective manner.

    Quick Execution

    Fully-committed, well-equipped and competent workforce takes responsibility in hand and successfully meets every project deadline always.


    You need not spend a huge amount of money on training candidates who join your team to help you accomplish a challenging project’s targets. 


    No more you have to waste your valuable time on shortlisting, interviewing, and hiring candidates when you get in touch with a staff augmentation consulting company. The company will provide you with proficient candidates and help you focus more on core business matters.

    Which Approach Should You Choose?

    Only if your business doesn’t have the requisite technical expertise to seamlessly manage complicated software development projects, offshore outsourcing can come to your help. If you already possess a talented team and need only a few more equally expert candidates for a complex project, the staff augmentation approach is what you should choose.


    To successfully complete IT projects, stay ahead of your potential competitors in the market, and have enough peace of mind, contacting one of the IT consultancy firms is essential. Only when you seek complete assistance from one such firm, such as IMCS Group, which offers top-notch staff augmentation services, fulfilling objectives becomes easier for your business. 

    Without delaying further, get in touch with IMCS if you are in need of skilled staff. We are one of those few companies in the USA that keeps up with evolving options within technology and leaves no stone unturned to meet client requirements and preferences.

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