8 IT Strategy Challenges that Every Small and Big Industries Face Generally

August 11, 2021

8 IT Strategy Challenges that Every Small and Big Industries Face Generally

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    Imagine that you own or head a business or any specific department. If your company has been incorporated recently, then the first 2 years would be so tough, at least until you reach the breakeven point.

    Also, if, you manage a 6 to 7-year-old brand, then again, the chances are likely that you would face issues with task delegation, results overseeing, and more. Especially in the IT sector, there are challenges that make any business hard to run, irrespective of the structure and experience of the company.

    To ensure that your business increases its profit and reduces the risk, you need something called a strategy. That’s a plan that could help you reach heights and hold a competitive edge in the market. This is also a reason why there is a huge demand for strategic mentorship across IT consultancy firms.

    What is an IT Strategy in short?

    A plan, more like a tactic for the long run, is said to be a business strategy. And when this comes to the context of IT, the most efficient and reliable way of using a particular technology is said to be an IT strategy.

    When you connect with experienced IT consultancy services, you are sure to get good ideas to outline your brand’s technology. You will moreover have a clear picture of how and when to best utilize your business goals. But finding such a reliable consultation platform is still a puzzle with companies, especially with amateurs and startup owners.

    Top 8 IT Strategy Challenges Faced by All Size Industries

    If you have found any of the authentic IT consulting companies in your country, well and good. But if not, then you could face the following listed 8 challenges quite frequently;


    Brand promotion is a must for any company. Be it a large C corporation or a seed-stage service-based company. However, the key issue is finding a suitable promotional strategy and identifying reputable IT job placement agencies to outsource experts. So, ensure to evaluate your company’s target audience plus KPIs accurately.


    IT consultancy firms will help you with relevant ideas and strategies about managing, implementing, or modifying a given technology. However, if you consider the selection, recruitment, and training processes of suitable employees, connecting with such human resources is tough; notably, if the job demands both technical and creative expertise. Another internal challenge here is also on the part of retention and satisfaction of employees. So, for these:

    • Training and development.
    • Skills education.
    • Rewards and recognitions.
    • Bonuses and perks.

    And more will help companies make their employees stay attuned with their tasks and jobs.

    Market or Industry Transformation:

    Be it a legacy system or a new ERP, your company will face issues with technical inability, implementation costs, and resistance to change. Employees require a sufficient level of training and a style of opinion leadership before bringing in a drastic or planned change into the organization. It is important to stay updated with the contemporary trends, yet, it is also vital to understand your employees’ knowledge on the same.

    Price Bargaining or Negotiations:

    Customer is the king and they are going to negotiate prices at one point or the other. Your brand will face challenges pertaining to pricing a product or service. Even prospective clients will judge your business based on the charges you fix for your entities.

    Here are some of the popular and successful strategies that you can try out for your business, with proper suggestions from any of the experienced IT consultancy firms;

    • Skimming Pricing.
    • Target Pricing.
    • Psychological Pricing.
    • Dynamic Pricing.
    • Limit Pricing.
    • Cost-Plus Pricing.

    Overall, either try to reduce the cost of production from the initial stages or ensure a nominal rate for your customers and consumers for a lucrative potential partnership.


    While your users and customers will focus on your service or product’s price and diversity, they will also look upon the aspects of quality. There are uncountable SMEs that failed due to a lack of innovation and quality in the products. Keep in mind that your business should never compromise on the total quality over anything else.

    Cash Flow & Credit:

    When a few brands fail to get revenue, some fail due to poor financial management. This might be a common scenario with growing and newly incorporated firms. Have a track record of all your transactions as per the accounting and bookkeeping norms. File your VAT properly. Create transparent and easy-to-analyze invoices.

    IT consulting companies do welcome financial assistance requirements also. So, use this opportunity to take advantage of your generatable profits.


    Just within your industry, you could find several competitors. Doing an analysis, researching their tactics, and your company bringing something new is definitely a big challenge. But that is important since that will be your USP which could make customers choose your brand over others in the market. You can steal inspiration or add something innovative to an existing pain point but don’t plagiarize ideas.

    Planning or Forecasting:

    Whether it includes IT recruiting services or a mere business consultation company, planning is essential. Many companies plan only for the short-term and if they fail to achieve them, will eventually lose confidence. Of course, short-term goals are vital for growing your brand, but at the end of the day, your long-term vision and plans make your business a hit. So, ensure that you forecast strategies for the next 10 years or so.


    Small, medium, and even large scale companies will face challenges with their competitor analysis, brand promotion, talent hunt, market transformation, pricing strategy, and so on. By working closely with experienced, authentic, and trustable IT consultancy services partners, you can turn these challenges into opportunities and make your brand better functional and competitive in your respective industry.

    Speak to the technology experts at IMCS Group for more information on the same.

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