Will hybrid learning revolutionize the future of corporate training?

February 28, 2022

Will hybrid learning revolutionize the future of corporate training?

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has immensely changed the way things function in the corporate world. 

    Owing to the longevity of the pandemic, the new normal is different from what it once used to be. 

    Surveys and reports online show that most employees from app development companies and custom software development companies now want a hybrid work model that allows them to smoothly switch between the office and home. 

    With things returning to how they once were, it is time to rewatch the lessons the pandemic gave us: Is hybrid here to stay? Let us find the answer to this. 

    What is hybrid learning? 

    Hybrid learning or blended learning is a learning methodology that combines conventional teaching methodology of one on one physical interaction with virtual and online study material. The imperative in hybrid learning is that the elements of the former and latter must complement each other and work in harmony to produce desirable results. 

    Hybrid Learning: The future of Corporate Training 

    What is it that hybrid learning can offer which makes it worth considering? 

    Flexible work environment

    It is not just the work but the work environment that decides its efficiency. A hybrid learning model can do just the same. The new normal is all about working remotely, and corporate training programs must be equipped to deal with the intricacies of the same. 

    Creative ways of engagement

    Let us face it; we have all had coffee and yawned on a Zoom Meeting in the lockdown. But, hybrid learning offers more than online meetings. It can help incorporate exciting and engaging platforms where every employee can get involved in the learning process. 

    Let the learner choose their pace.

    Each individual is different; organizations have people from all walks of life. Some might be good with one-on-one interactions, while others prefer to work on computer screens. Let the learning program work as per the learner, not the other way round. It can help ensure the learner makes the most out of the training program while providing the task does not look like a burden. 

    How will Hybrid Learning be helpful in upskilling employees? 

    Dynamic Learning Experience

    While some learners grasp visuals better, some understand the text better. Hybrid learning can meet the needs of both kinds of users simultaneously, without making any compromises on the said time frame and the quality of content delivery. 

    Efficient employee training

    IT corporate training is an utterly common occurrence in every organization. What are you doing to make it fruitful for your employees? 

    The freedom to choose

    Hybrid learning lets learners choose whether they wish to learn online or participate in person. As a result, it can lead to better engagement and improved content delivery. 

    Saves resources

    Hybrid learning can help save both time and money. Classroom learning may not be accessible at all times and costs an organization the food and travel costs. Online learning, on the other hand, saves travel time and expenses. 

    How to implement a Hybrid Workspace model? 

    Implementing a hybrid learning model for a multigenerational workforce can be challenging, but it is worth the time and effort. Here is what all needs to be done for its implementation. 

    Redesign the office space 

    For starters, consider redesigning your office space. Involve all the employees in the process. Furthermore, it can incorporate one-on-one conversations of designers/architects with an organization’s employees, giving the former a better and deeper understanding of the requirements. Also, it is an excellent way to involve all your employees in the process. 


    Talk to corporate training consultants, and they will tell you how important feedback is. Feedback from one is critical; feedback from all is divine. The following stages of the ongoing training program can accordingly be optimized and adjusted as per the employee feedback. 

    Integration of work from home and work from office

    It is no secret: The seamless integration of all employees, regardless of their location, can boost an organization’s overall performance. Introducing engaging activities that need the participation of all employees can strengthen employee relations and make the workplace more alive.

    Offer financial incentives

    Implementing tasks in the corporate world is not a cakewalk. For the initial stage of introducing a hybrid learning model in the workspace, you can consider the idea of offering financial incentives or goodies for engaging in corporate training services

    Final Words 

    With the 360 degrees swivel in work culture, thanks to the pandemic: hybrid is here to stay, and switching to hybrid learning can prove to be revolutionary for corporate training companies

    Experienced training consultants at IMCS offer corporate training solutions that can help increase your business’s productivity multifold. If you plan to switch to hybrid learning, you must check out IMCS, a leading name in corporate training solutions. Our clients have had great success with the brand, and we highly recommend it.

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